Assington Mill in Suffolk offers short one to three-day courses on over 50 different topics. We focus mainly on rural and traditional crafts; subjects that fit in with our rural location, but it could be anything that we think people might like to do and that is not available nearby or even elsewhere. Being privately run, we have the flexibility to respond to demand from our students. Qualifications are not given, or exams held, but we aim to help people if they want to take the skills to a higher level.  Click on OUR COURSES to see the list of over 55 different subjects.

Our objectives are to provide a friendly and welcoming setting where people can enjoy learning something new which will enrich their lives, and have a great day out with like-minded people. Assington Mill, on a small 70-acre organic farm, lies in one of Suffolk's beautiful secret valleys, which you can explore after the course is over. This is the most likely site for the mill mentioned in the Domesday Book, and again in historic records for 1588. Click on ABOUT ASSINGTON MILL for more details.

We provide home-made and locally-sourced food, much of it grown in the kitchen garden here, and can cater for any diet. Gluten-free food and cakes are a speciality. Click on FOOD to see more.


  • Learn the craft of balm-making and cream-making to produce completely natural skin products.  This practical, empowering one-day workshop is a unique chance to transform your approach to skincare.  Work with professional herablists to learn the uses of wild plants and to formulate your...

    £75 including home-made lunch etc. Materials will be about £10, to be paid on the day
    29 November 2014
    10 - 4.30