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Why does my dog ...?

3 March 2018
£90 inc. home-made lunch, biscuits & cakes etc.
10 - 4

On this one-day course, Jane Williams (click on her name above to see more about her) will aim to answer questions about your dog, such as why does my dog:

  • Jump up at visitors?
  • Look guilty when they have toileted indoors?
  • Bark at other dogs when walking on the lead?
  • Destroy the house when I go out?
  • Hide and shake when there are fireworks?

The course is a look into the dog's mind and motivations.  From a dog's eye view of the world, the course helps owners to understand why their dog behaves as s/'he does.  The  course will focus on effective ways for humans to communicate with their dogs.  We lok at the evolution and domestication of the dog to help owners understand the nature of the relationship between humans and canines.  There are opportunities to ask plenty of questions.

The practical element of the course allows people to engage in reward-based training activities with the dogs, and to try out a variety of techniques to provide mental stimulation, reduce boredom and frustration, and to help their dog really want to work with them.

There are places for handlers and those without a dog.

The course leader and Assington Mill reserve the right to prohibit aggressive dogs from attending for the safety of all.


Fantastic day.  V informative in lovely surroundings and fantastic food.  Thank you.

Very good balance of theory, interaction, practical, clear speaker, well organised.  Lovely hostesses Anne & Bob.  Michelle D

Great mix of people.  Yummy food.  Great course and venue (better weather could be provided!).  Thank you.  Mo L

Good variety of activities.  Wonderful that the trainer brought her own dogs for demonstrations and for others to use.

I am just writing to say how much I enjoyed the course today.  The course, hospitality and lovely lunch were all great.  You are lucky to have such a lovely venue and it’s really nice that you share it with us.  Thank you, Mo and Fizzy the boxer

Thank you for a brilliant course and for letting us work with the wonderful Phoebe. I was really moved by your story about the Many Tears Rescue and have just found their website. I do hope to rescue another dog in the near future.  I've attached the pic I took today. What fun that was!'

Enlightening, entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable

Great to be able to borrow a dog!  Liked to hear about recent ideas/thinking on dog behaviour/psychology.  Anne G

Excellent course and excellent venue.  Have learnt so much today.  Want to learn more.  Lovely, welcoming hosts.  When’s the next one?  Thank you, Toaby P.


What to Bring

Please bring a bed for your dog, a soft harness as well as a collar, treats and toys for your dog.

Also bring outdoor clothing, including boots, for yourself as some activities will be outside.


Toby the border collie - Dog behaviour & psychology course
Maisie, the Catalan sheep dog type - Dog behaviour & psychology course
Tracking exercises on the dog behaviour & psychology course 2015
Tracking exercises on the dog behaviour & psychology course 2014
Two of Jane Williams dogs on the dog behaviour & psychology course
One of the dogs enjoying an activity feeder with her owner
Mac - the rough collie/lassie dog - dog behaviour & psychology course
Alternative Dates
Date Time Bookings / Places
Why does my dog ...? 3 March 2018 10 - 4