July & August

JULY  2015 

Just finished the last course of the summer with an introduction to falconry, led by Alec Shearer.  He started the day by setting up five tall perches around the workshop upon which he put two Harris hawks, a Gyr/Saker falcon, Ghost, the one-year old barn owl and Sandy brought her very rare black barn owl, Dusk.  In addition we sat round a large dog-type cage containing two baby owls, all huge eyes and covered in grey fluff, absolutely adorable.  They have been brought up together and are imprinted on each other, though very different in size.  From time to time the babies would get tired and stretch out on the floor for a sleep.



Like cycling but don’t want to kill yourself?  We have just been on a self-guided "Cycling for Softies" tour of the Loire Valley in France:  dedicated cycle tracks, mostly flat terrain, not more than 30k a day, chateaux, comfortable hotels and first class restaurants booked for us every night.  What more could anyone want?


Don’t forget the Open Day on Monday 31 August!