Here are some more new additions to the programme for 2016:

CANE  &  RUSH  CHAIR  SEATING.  This is such an expensive chair repair to have done professionally.  Once you have learnt the basic skills and done one chair, you can then tackle others.  Mary Butcher will help you use cane, rush, Danish cord or seagrass.

PHOTOGRAPHY  -  BLACK  &  WHITE – Using vintage and antique cameras, you will explore traditional photography using the landscape and architecture of Assington Mill.  Processing using a developing tray will be included. 

IDENTIFYING BUTTERFLIES  &  MOTHS.  A day introducing arguably the most visually appealing and inspiring of all insect groups.  Observations will only incorporate live viewing techniques: light traps and torchlight searches for moths, and sweep nets for butterflies.

DOWSING  IN  A  DAY.  Dowsing, the response to unconscious or subliminal energies in our environment, covers a range of activities such as healing, Feng Shui, Chakras, auras, earth energies etc.  Dowsing is a sense that can be developed by most people.  We start with water divining.

BOOK  RESTORATION  FOR  NOVICES is a course that will help you to mend those old and precious books:  replacing endpapers, re-backing books, repairing worn corners, simple gilt decoration and re-casing books in new cloth covered boards.

BIKE  MAINTENANCE  FOR  SERIOUS  CYCLISTS for those who do a lot of cycling and who are keen for learn the finer points.  This is a more advanced course than the one for the less serious, to be held on the same weekend, which was extremely popular last year.

GLUTEN-FREE BAKING.  How to bake bread and cakes without the use of standard flours and added chemicals.

TAXIDERMY -  A  MOUSE  IN  A  DAY.  How to prepare, stuff and then mount the skins of animals for display.  Don’t worry, your mouse will have been bought from a pet shop (reptile food) and killed painlessly by gas!

NEEDLE  FELTING.  The art of creating felt by pricking raw wool with special barbed needles. An easy to master technique, even if you think you are not artistic.

CLEAN  CAKES  - a different approach.  A day experimenting with new and alternative ingredients to make cakes, energy-boosting bars and stunning raw desserts etc

To book, just Google the website,, then click on the course that interests you and then look for the BOOK NOW button. 

ACCOMMODATION:  if would like to book our beautiful one-bedroom cottage during your stay, a 10% discount on the cost of the course is available.  Contact Mark Scott on 01787 211115 for bookings, and let me know that you will be staying here.  You can see pics of the cottage on his website,

Anne Holden