CALLIGRAPHY for BEGINNERS - "Uncommon Uncials"


On this day, 13 October, you will discover the pleasure of writing with the broad-edged pen.  Looking at calligraphy history, we will consider the beautiful St Cuthbert Gospel, from the Wearmouth-Harrow monastery, written sometime before 716AD.  Calligraphy techniques:  after practising how to make the letters, we will adjust a few elements of the Uncial script to make it more modern, then write out a short quotation.


  • Would you learn more about bees and maybe how to keep them? 
  • Would you like to develop more rural skills and crafts?
  • Are you yearning to keep animals?

  You can meet the tutors for beekeeping, birds of prey, bricklaying for amateurs, pig-keeping, sheep husbandry, goat husbandry, badgers and landscape painting en plein air and many other rural skills and crafts.


OPEN  DAY  at  ASSINGTON  MILL  -  SUNDAY  1  SEPTEMBER  -  11am - 5pm

Come and see some of the things that happen at Assington Mill and talk to the tutors.  They will be wearing red badges marked with their names, and the subject they teach.  You can also see our "green" items such as the waterwheel which generates electricity, ground source heat pumps, solar panels and passive solar gain, and the four strawbale buildings, as well as the mill and the miller's house.  Free entry, tea and coffee.

New courses at Assington Mill - from July 2013


Plans for the future include several new courses: 


Green gym,

Dog psychology,

Pastry-making for beginners,


Papier mache,


Wooden spoon carving.

The BUSHCRAFT course will include knife skills, shelter building, fire-making techniques, gathering and preparing materials, learning to use a fire-steel/flint and steel with a variety of tinders.  Assington Mill is ideal for this course, having so many different habitats.

Scything for beginners, one-day course at Assington Mill, Saturday 13 July


A scythe is an implement consisting of a long, curved single-edged blade with a long bent handle. 

Learn to cut grass and weeds the “green” way, no noise, and no use of petrol or diesel, or heavy machinery.  With the skills you will learn on the course, you will be able to cut anything from a small lawn, paths between allotments and borders, a hay meadow and a bramble patch.

The scything course includes setting up the scythe and its handle, sharpening and maintenance, which includes hammering the blade on an anvil, or peening.

New bushcraft course at Assington Mill - 27 July

This is the perfect place to learn about bushcraft and we have just found the perfect leader, James Linford!

On July 27 he will be here to introduce people to the main skills and knowledge required for living in the woods including:  knife skills, shelter building, modern and traditional fire making techniques, gathering and preparing materials, learning to use a fire-steel/flint and steel with a variety of tinders, and sourcing materials and their uses.

Picture Framing course - April 2013

Another new course, this time on picture framing, led by Glyn Jones.  All the places were taken quite quickly and those who signed up were not disappointed, judging from their comments:

Really good presentation.  I liked the demonstration and then all of us having a go at each technique.  The handouts are excellent.  Thanks too to Glyn’s daughter who road tested them!  And I’m thrilled with my finished framed photo.  Helena

January 2013 Newsletter

Happy new year!  Hope you had a good Christmas.  We use the Christmas break to cut firewood, mend fences and dig out ditches.  In the late autumn, twenty of the wonderful Forest School Campers helped us clear a sevcn-acre boggy field called the Co-op Field (Assington had a farm labourers’ cooperative from the 1820s), cutting down trees and clearing brambles.  Also, the Dedham Vale volunteers came for their Christmas party here and made great inroads into the annual task of felling the conifers to allow the oak and ash trees to grow.