Wild medicine: harvesting & using the hedgerow

Wild Medicine

This is an unusual chance to forage and make your own medicines, using berries and plants that are available in the autumn.

We offer a very practical workshop where you walk the land, get to know the plants, harvest your own ingredients and make effective home remedies.

In beautiful surroundings, we will show you how to identify, select and harvest a variety of familiar (and not-so-familiar) medicinal plants. You will learn techniques and recipes for storing, preparing and using the plants you have collected.  From the course, you get a 'starter kit' of remedies made on the day, recipe cards and a head full of inspiration. We also like to add large dollops of folklore, rambling yarns, and some cautionary tales to spice up the pharmacy lessons.

The medicines you will make are from common seasonal plants, and are based on simple, clearly-taught principles - so no prior knowledge of herbal medicine is required. 

Jude and Vanessa also run the Natural Skin Care course in November. Their practical, inspirational way of working puts people back in touch with the seasons, landscape, and the simple origins of our food, medicines and cosmetics. 

What you will get from the course:

  • An introduction to some of our common hedgerow medicines and the skills to identify and use them for home treatments.
  • A renewed sense of the seasons and of how everything from food to medicine has its time.
  • A cache of invaluable herbal lore, recipes and techniques
  • A "starter kit" of remedies made on the day to take away, and the inspiration to grow your knowledge of the plant medicines.

A word of warning:  once you've been on this course, you will never again be able to just "go for a walk".  You will always wonder what that plant could be used for ...

Comments from participants:

I hadn’t got any ideas of what to expect so I have been very pleased with the whole day and the cake!  Please let me know of other workshops.  Sally A

Vanessa was not only a good leader but also a good listener as well.  Lots covered in one day.  Thoroughly enjoyed!  Paula V

I would like to have an advanced course at a different time of year so that we can learn about plants available at a different season.   Joanne G

*Difficult to cover a lot in just one day so very pleased with course.  Would love to be able to cover more – maybe split into a two-stage course?

*I had an amazing day.  Vanessa your knowledge is wonderful!  Thank you for sharing.  I would have enjoyed a bit more plant lore!  I’m going away filled with inspiration to use all the wonderful wild plants in my garden.  Thank you again.  If you ever need a wild woman of the woods storyteller let me know.  I’d love to work with you.  Shame Jude couldn’t come.  Say Hi.  Suzanne

I would like to live this way with you for a year.  Thank you for a wonderful day.

Learnt lots of new things.  Opened my eyes to nature.  Looking forward to sharing my new knowledge with my family.

Loads of information:  very practical course, and a great starting point to research your own medicines.  Julie B.

Lovely lovely stay, thank you so much, camping was beautiful, we were chuffed with the open fire and of course the location.  Thanks for being so welcoming and accommodating.  Course was brilliant, Vanessa and Jude were very helpful and knowledgeable even outside of the course content with all our questions and comments.  We’ll try and come again!  Rebecca

Absolutely amazing weekend, perfect setting, brilliant informative and practical course.  Camping was perfect, thanks for having us!  I’m sure I’ll be back.

Brilliant day!  So informative.  Thank you Jude & Vanessa, Bob & Anne for a lovely lunch.  Dawn M.

We were very well looked after on all levels – tuition and facilities top clas, and the most wonderful lunch.  Many thanks.

This was an interesting, enjoyable day.  I am looking forward to trying out the hawthorn syrup, daisy/plantain balm and nettle/hawthorn tincture which I made during the day.  Fabulous setting for a course like this.  Knowledgable, friendly tutors.  Great lunch as ever!  Jane W.

Fantastic day.  Fabulous food.  Would recommend this course.  Will be coming back to do other courses.

Thank you so much.  We had the most wonderful day.  It exceeded our expectations.  Assington Mill is such a beautiful peaceful place and you all made us feel so at home.  Our food was so delicious.  I can’t wait to look at all your recipes online.  Ness & Jude were fantastic too.  Well worth it.  Emilia & Omar

Dear Anne and Bob, thank you so much for your hospitality last Sunday. The food was amazing(as a Vegan I am accustomed to taking my own food to events. So nice to have it provided) The course (Wild Medicine) was inspirational. And the wonderful restoritive setting you have created was a bslm for the mind and spirit. So looking forward to coming again in the Autumn.  Teresa B.


Jude Greenan & Vanessa Neville MNIMH
Saturday, 12 September, 2015

Times10 - 5


What to Bring

Warm and waterproof clothing, hat, gloves and wellies.

Jam jar.

Basket for carrying plant material.