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Taxidermy - a mouse in a day

8 October 2016
Jools Abbey
£90 inc. home-made lunch, biscuits & cakes etc. & mouse
10 - 4.30

The art of taxidermy is in preparing, stuffing and then mounting the skins of animals for display.  These could be as hunting trophies, or for museum use or maybe the preservation of a beloved pet.  Taxidermy is a Greek word for "arrangement of skin".  On this one-day course you will learn the basic art using a mouse.  Don't worry, it will have been bought from a pet shop (where they are used to feed reptiles) and killed painlessly using a gas.

Although embalmed animals have been found with Egyptian mummies (remember all those mummified cats they once used for fertiliser here?), the earliest methods of taxidermy came to prominence in the 18th century, mainly in europe, but the heyday of the art came in the mid 19th century, when a much more lifelike appearance was produced.  They were often displayed in beautiful domed glass cases, surrounded by suitable foliage.


What to Bring

Small hand-held hair dryer.


The art of taxidermy, by Julie Abbey
The art of taxidermy, by Julie Abbey
Taxidermy course at Assington Mill