Cat behaviour & psychology


A day of cat behaviour (10am - 5pm) with a leading world authority on cat behaviour. Roger's BBC TV series "Cats" & "Understanding Cats" have been seen around the world & his books sell worldwide "The Wild Life of the Domestic Cat", "Cats - the Rise of the Cat", "Roger Tabor's Cat Behaviour", "Understanding Cats", "Understanding Cat Behaviour", "100 Ways to Understand Your Cat" etc. Roger was a pioneer in establishing feral & house cat ranges & territories, & the first to biologist/behaviourist to monitor Trap, Neuter & Return (TNR) of a feral cat colony. In recent years he has used "cat-cams" & "cat-nav" & you can see him talking about this & "The Secret Lives of Cats" on & he & his studies featured recently on "Wild Side of Cats" (Nat Geographic Channel), "Must Love Cats" (Animal Planet) etc.

Roger is also a consultant cat behaviourist, dealing with cat behaviour problems for owners, and devised & taught university accredited cat behaviour modules for the CFBA. Roger has observed cats in over 25 countries round the world.

Dr Desmond Morris wrote of Roger as one of the few true authorities on the cat who have made a major original contribution noting:

"Nobody understands cats better than Roger Tabor"

You can see Roger talking about his Secret Lives of Cats study by clicking this link:


Very interesting day.  Learnt far more than I anticipated.  Excellent tutor with great passion for his subject.  I didn’t want it to end.  Wonderful lunch (as always), especially the soup!  Relaxing venue in a wonderful setting.  Val B.

Absolutely enjoyed this day.  Very informative.  Will certainly recommend.

Entertaining and friendly, passionate about subject.  Place is lovely.  Anne & Bob are lovely too!  Organisation of day v. good.  Organisation of speaker less so (computer-wise & time keeping!)

I would have loved the chance to ask more questions; I didn’t want to interrupt the presentation.  Very lively presenter, and very knowledgeable.

I enjoyed the day.  Very interesting and the venue is beautiful.  Amanda S.


Roger Tabor
Saturday, 8 October, 2016

Times10 - 5.00


What to Bring

Warm clothing

Strong shoes and warm socks, just in case.  This is a farm with no tarmac in sight, so light shoes will not be practical or comfortable.