Foraging for wild food

This is a one-day course foraging for food available at this time of the year, mainly mushrooms, with explanations of how it can be used and eaten. In 2014 we found 76 different species, of which 12 were edible; in 2015 57 species, of which 12 were edible.    In the afternoon, Vanessa will take you on another walk to pick berries and fruit, and show you how to cook and eat them.

You will be led by Matthew Rooney and  Vanessa Neville.  Click on their names to see more about them.

Please ask to go on the reserve list, as this course is now full.  Someone is bound to drop out between now and then.  Email [email protected]


In the morning there will be two separate foraging walks, with Matthew, to identify and pick the edible mushrooms we find.

After lunch in the farmhouse, Ursula will give you some ideas on how to prepare and cook the fungi .



What I did not put down was my enjoyment of the day, and how having the foraging combined with cooking what we found added an enormous amount.  We have been enjoying chicken of the woods in stroganoff and today we will have mixed mushrooms with our steak. Have also foraged locally with a grand bag of one parasol and a handful of small puffballs. Ah well.

Group size, setting, arrangements, booking, welcome were all good. 

Overall, I was very impressed with both Matthew and Lisa both very approachable people. Assington Mill is also an impressive place, what you have achieved is truly admirable.  Having spent the most day with Matthew, I found his delivery friendly, relaxed, thorough and confident. Considering the volume and frequency of questions being put to him, I thought Matthew handled the fielding of each question professionally and responded with a consistent level of enthusiasm and depth of knowledge, and on the rare occasion Matthew didn't know something, he would simply say so. I admire Matthew's depth & breadth of knowledge, and would certainly pay to go foraging with him again. When I received the list of mushrooms that were identified on the day, I was very pleasantly surprised. The list contained everything needed to further an interest in learning more about mycology; All of the essential information needed from a beginners level, without being excessive. This was a really lovely touch, it underlined the fact that this was a professionally run course, worth the money - This final detail, completed the package for me.

Lunch: Although, I'd read lunch was homemade and included, it was absolutely amazing, fresh, healthy and incorporated the foraging element, which tied in nicely. You are both very welcoming and a pleasure to talk with, as was everyone else in attendance.  Spending a pleasant and informative afternoon with Lisa was enjoyable and relaxing, especially after having such a wonderful lunch. It was nice to have a chance to prepare some of the fungi we'd collected under guidance. In a way it provided closure to the foraging, to actually consume things that had been collected no more than a few hours prior, makes it all the more real. With simple advice being provided, a delightful snack was soon prepared, accompanied with the refreshments available throughout the afternoon. A thoroughly enjoyable day, well spent, and well managed and organised. Thank you.  Ray C.

In 2014, we found 46 different species of fungi, of which 12 were edible.  Anne




Matthew Rooney
Saturday, 15 October, 2016

Times10.00 - 4.00


What to Bring

Warm and waterproof clothing, hat and gloves

Wellies (best) or strong boots

Basket or trug