Needle felting is the art of creating felt by pricking raw wool with special barbed needles.  The fibres becomes enmeshed and can be formed into a picture or a sculpture.  With a basic form constructed, e.g. head, body, limbs, the sculpting begins.  By adding more wool, or pricking to give definition, the form gradually evolves.

Wool is a very versatile medium to work with and the varying types, of course, give different results. Merino wool is soft and the most widely available in shops.  It is often dyed bright colours and useful for pictures and markings on animals.  I prefer using more natural tones, e.g herdwick wool for an Irish wolfhound.  This process is a different method to wet felting.

It’s fun to experiment with different size/shape of needle and textures of wool and as a new hobby, has a small outlay. Needle felting requires little space for storage of materials, a shoebox is all you would need to start with.  It’s easily The equipment is transportable, just right to take on holiday.  The art of needle felting is easy to master and even if you think you are not artistic, I’m confident you will be pleased with your projects.  As you become more proficient, there are more techniques to learn, but this course is all about the basics.  On the day, you will learn:

A brief history of felting

How to choose wool, needles and pads

Preparing the wool

Mastering the basic technique by making a 2D shape with the help of a guide

Learn shaping by making petals to make a 3D flower (which can be worn as a pin or on a hat).

Constructing a sculpture e.g. simple animal of your choice


Jools Abbey (click on her name above to more about her) will take you through the whole process.

By the end of the needle felting course, you will have made a small shaped item, e.g. a star, a flowers which can be worn, and a small animal of your choice.  Jools usually advises something simple so that it can be completed in the day.



Jools Abbey
Friday, 21 October, 2016

Times10 - 4


What to Bring

Some ideas about which animal you would like to make on the needle felting course.


Provided on the day, including needles, felting pads and wool.