Lemons & olives

Olives and oil are the oldest food known to man; the  historical peer to the grape.
They are not only delicious but a great source of nutrition. Each region in Italy has a different blend of oils in keeping with the local food.
The day would be filled with recipes using different oils and a tutored tasting.
Lemons bring all dishes cooked or used to life.The humble lemon wrapped in its vibrant skin had infinite uses for health and food uses. In detail demonstrations and information on this magnficent fruit.

Ursula Ferrigno, the tutor,  has just published a book on lemons and limes.  She has also written about oil and olives.  The day will be partly to tell you about lemons, limes, oil and olives and part hands-on making things to take home with you.


Ursula Ferrigno
Friday, 5 May, 2017

Times10 - 4



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