Cat behaviour & psychology

This one-day course on cat behaviour and psychology will focus on why cats behave as they do and what causes problems for them; what goes on in their minds and all sorts of interesting cat facts to help you understand you and your cat better.  For instance, why do we love and feed them and why do they choose to live with us?  Do we give them the surroundings that they really want and what is best for them, or do we force them to fit in with our lives?  Is it true that cats have more affinity with women, and dogs with men?  If it is, why might that be?  Where do they go when they are outside and how far?  How is their social life arranged?  You may be surprised by what they get up to when you are not looking!   Our knowledge has been amazingly enlarged by the advent of movement-sensitive cameras. 

Roger Tabor is well-known for his recent studies on cat territory; where and how far cats go when we can't see them.  You may have seen his programme on TV, the Wild Side of Cats.  Click on his name above to see more about him.  His book, "100 Ways to Understand Your Cat", will be on sale on the day.

You can see Roger talking about his Secret Lives of Cats study by clicking this link:


Well run course, good information content but not heavy.  Should be very helpful in dealing with cat issues going on.  Michael G.

Roger is super knowledgeable about cats and everything cat related!  Having always had cats I thought I knew everything about them, but how wrong I was.  I learnt so much and it was delivered with great humour.  Plus a bonus is the usual wonderful home-cooked food.    VP

Fascinating – learned a lot.  Could have listened to Roger all day!

In every aspect this was a most enjoyable day.  Such a treat to listen to Roger – informative, fascinating and entertaining.  Thanks also to Bob and Anne for your hospitality and delicious food.  Penny T.

I don’t really wish to give a negative here as Roger was very informative.  However, the IT issues were really unacceptable – he should have set up before the course.  A real shame as the course content was good.  Good advice on an individual basis.

Really, really enjoyed yesterday’s event – Roger Tabor on cat behaviour. Fascinating. It was great having only six people – much more intimate. There was no shortage of questions from us all. I think most people were reluctant to leave – I was clock-watching but only because I didn’t want it to end (unlike when I clock-watched at work...!)


Roger Tabor
Sunday, 12 November, 2017

Times10 - 4.30


What to Bring

Warm clothing as you will be sitting still all day, plus sensible shoes and warm socks.  This is a farm, with no tarmac in sight.