Geoff Crockford & Nigel Hughes

Dowser Geoff Crockford scientific background includes working as a  human physiologist with a
Medical Research Council unit based at the Dept of Human Anatomy, Oxford and running an MSc course in occupational hygiene in the Dept of Occupational Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He also became head of the department's industrial service unit, and then the department.

He learnt to dowse on a British Society of Dowsers course in 1995 as part of his scientific research into possible harmful effects of VDU displays

While learning to dowse he found there was no adequate theory as to explain the physical basis of dowsing. His experimental and research background soon led to the development of the Diamagnetic and Paramagnetic Theory of Biolocation upon which his 20 years dowsing work has been based.  He is co-author of two dowsing books The Secret of the Stones and The Phoenix Point based on research and discoveries over this period

Dowser Nigel Hughes is a London University science graduate.

Following completion of postgraduate studies he worked in a number of scientific posts before embarking on a career in civil aviation as aircrew. He flew as a jet captain for KLM as well as
being a commercial flying instructor and flight examiner accumulating over 10,000 flying hours. After completing his flying career, he worked in ICT, Business Training and Education.

Shortly after learning to dowse he met Geoffrey Crockford and teamed up with him in his dowsing research. He is co author of The Secret of the Stones and The Phoenix Point