Sue Baker

Sue has been involved with chickens since childhood. A qualified poultry and egg judge, for over 20 years Sue has been heavily involved with the breeding and conservation of rare breeds of poultry. For many years Sue was involved with the local poultry clubs taking on many roles including secretary, producing the quarterly magazine and organising exhibitions at the county shows. She also sat on the Poultry Club of Great Britain council and was Chairman for the Rare Poultry Society where her responsibilities included looking after the interests and engaging the junior members and running the poultry club helpline.

Though Sue has in recent times taken a step back from the clubs, she still regularly talks to Garden and WI groups, offering advice and guidance on all aspects of poultry keeping.

Sue has also worked as a veterinary nurse and is keen to promote the proper care of back yard chickens and aims to ensure that owners have a good experience from this fascinating and extremely rewarding hobby.